Our Services

We transform businesses with cutting edge solutions
through culture and diversity lens.

We work with small to medium enterprises in the following areas:

  1.  Processes Improvement
  2.  Culture & Diversity in the workplace
  3.  Languages of Appreciation

Our rigorous, valid & reliable performance assessments tools complete with metrics, scales and reporting will help your organization gain a clear and complete picture of your strengths and opportunities.

  • Culture & Diversity
  • Managing Gender Complexity

Our women on boards training allows women to gain the knowledge they need to pursue board positions.  We provide a platform for women to leverage their professional skills and experience.

Fact:  Only 12-15% of women sit on paid boards in British Columbia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to company for small to medium organizations looking to increase workforce engagement and productivity.


About Us

Ubuntu StratEdge is a company that runs a performance
enabling program powered by practices and methods that
are evaluated by reliable performance assessments complete
with metric, scales and reporting.


Trish Mandewo

Owner & CEO

Our Values

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring
creative skills, thoughts, and ideas.


We connect at a personal level.


Collective accountability.


We think in other terms.


We are ‘lazy’.


Welcoming, hospitable, warm, generous and willing to share.


If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.


We live and learn on every engagement.


We show respect we expect to receive.

Mission Statement

Enable organizations to build sustainable business activities that embrace culture and diversity.


Ubuntu Program

We deliver Ubuntu in a box to you. Our program for organizations
and individuals consists of streamlining business activities through
Culture, Diversity, Managing gender complexities and Leadership training.

Ubuntu Diversity

Ubuntu Diversity

Having an inclusive workplace is one thing, sustaining it requires efforts.  We help you create an inclusive workplace which embraces the diversity of backgrounds.

Diversity is good for your bottom line, is it working for or against you?  Our Ubuntu in a box program provides an assessment tool complete with a report.

Managing Gender Complexities

Managing Gender Complexities

Time is now to change the conversation and practices around empowering & management of gender in the workforce.

The societal shift from the “Me Too” movement has given the opportunity to focus on the benefits of diversified leadership and leading Women.

Ubuntu Biz Effectiveness

Ubuntu Biz Effectiveness

Our process improvement program helps organizations reach strategic goals and offer quality services.

We help small to medium businesses build a customer-centric system that stems from a customer-centric culture made out of diversified teams and leaders

Ubuntu Cultural Program

Ubuntu Cultural Program

Good culture promotes productivity, engagement, retention, employee wellbeing and client health outcomes.

The Ubuntu R.E.A.L guiding principals will help you edge forward by measuring your current state, analyzing it, reporting and activating the changes.


Engagement Model

The program is powered by practices and methods that are
further evaluated by performance assessments which are valid
and reliable tools complete with metric, scales and reporting.

How We Get It Done

The Ubuntu StratEdge way

What people are saying

Hear first hand from people that have worked with our team

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Trish and her team at Ubuntu StratEdge. For a few years, I have worked closely with business consultant Trish Mandewo implementing and streamlining my company’s processes. With her extensive knowledge on organizational changes and developing new strategies, Trish has managed to drastically improve the processes and the bottom line for my company.

Trish and her team continue to demonstrate skill and knowledge in every aspect of business operations, they have enhanced our marketing and sales strategies as well as introduced a new agile website. I am very impressed with the information gathering skills and the attention to detail that they put into every project. I also benefit from their extensive network of knowledgeable and trustworthy consultants and partners. I highly recommended Ubuntu StratEdge.

Doug Rue

President, Fresh Water Land Holding Co Ltd.


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